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Andrea Ramirez

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About Andrea

Dr. Andrea Ramirez is devoted to creating systemic social change and addressing injustice and oppression. She has over 15 years of experience in strategy, coaching, organizational development, leadership, learning & talent development, people operations, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Andrea utilizes a multidisciplinary approach of data, storytelling, creativity, and research as tools to help people understand the experience of difference.

Andrea's passion as a coach, DEIB strategist, consultant, educator, and storyteller, along with her desire to improve how the world impacts the lives of others, has inspired her career and life journey. She approaches her work from an antiracist philosophy and centers the voices of those most impacted as the driving force of her work, and utilizes human-centered practices.

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Dr. Andrea Ramirez (she/her)

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Skills & Services



Adult Development

Equity Review

Equity-Based Problem-Solving

Human-Centered Design

Research & Data Analysis



Antiracist Leadership Practices


Curriculum Development and Planning

Facilitation and Training

Leadership Development

Organizational Change

Strategic Planning


Andrea helps clients tap into their full potential, find direction, and accomplish their career and life goals. She uses strengths-based and evidence-based approaches to inform personal development, leadership, career transitions, relationships, decision-making, life changes, career coaching, diversity, equity, inclusion, and navigating uncertainty. Using proven techniques and tools, clients discover their true desires and learn how to thrive.


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